Apple confirmed that some iPhone models do not support for battery percentage display

After the official version of iOS 16 was released today, Apple confirmed that some iPhone models do not support the function of always displaying the iPhone battery percentage in the status bar even after upgrading to the latest system.

In an updated support document, Apple said the new battery percentage display is not available on the iPhone X R, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini. However, Apple did not provide additional information on why these devices do not support this new feature.

Apple added a battery percentage display function in the iOS 16 beta version this summer. This function can be turned on in "Settings" and "Battery". After turning it on, the status bar will always display the remaining battery percentage without having to Swipe down to open the control center.

Although Apple introduced this long-awaited status bar display battery percentage feature, Apple's design is somewhat controversial. The main reason is that the battery percentage figure is included in the icon, and even if the battery is not 100%, the white battery icon is still completely filled, which is easy for users to mistakenly think that the battery is full. When the battery is 20% or lower, one-fifth of the icon turns red and the rest becomes translucent.

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