Apple iPhone 14 / Pro is on sale today

Three iPhone 14 series were officially released today ( the iPhone 14 Plus will be released on October 7), and the first batch of users who pre-ordered new phones have also received mobile phones one after another, and many users have posted, However, from the pictures posted by some netizens, it seems that there are some small flaws in the "Smart Island", a highlight of the iPhone 14 Pro this time.

According to the pictures posted by blogger @小牛Derek, in a strong light environment, the opening of the iPhone 14 Pro series and the black UI of the smart island will have an obvious color difference, and the black in the "exclamation mark" hole area is deeper, This may not be friendly to users with OCD.

Smart Island brings users a new way to interact with the iPhone, blurring the boundaries between hardware and software, and displaying important reminders, notifications, and activities in real-time. With the introduction of Smart Island, the TrueDepth camera has been redesigned to reduce the display space it takes up. On the premise of not affecting the display of the screen content, the smart island remains active, allowing users to use control options with just a long press, and activities that keep running in the background such as maps, music apps, or timers are always visible and interactive. In addition, Smart Island works with third-party apps in iOS 16 that provide information (such as game scores and carpool information) through Live Activity.

However, at present, third-party apps have not been adapted to Smart Island, mainly their own apps. Not only that, but also users reported that not only did Bilibili not land on the Smart Island, but the search bar area was also occupied by Smart Island, and they could only watch the recommended videos, but could not search for the content they wanted to watch.

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