Apple iPhone 14 Pro / Max hidden switch to enable black and white AOD all-weather display

Apple iPhone 14 Pro /Max's AOD all-weather display does not work like most Android phones' always-on display mode (mainly composed of black pixels and an always-visible clock). It works more like the Apple Watch, and the AOD mode is pretty much the same as the standard lock screen with the same colorful wallpapers and informative widgets, just dimmed.

Many users who got a new iPhone were surprised by this. In fact, some initial reviews suggested disabling the AOD display feature entirely because it was too distracting. However, it turns out there's a hidden way to try out a black and white AOD display on the iPhone...

Now the trick to getting a black and white AOD display is to use the long-standing focus mode setting called "lock screen dimming". This has the effect of completely darkening the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in AOD mode.

How to Enable Black and White AOD Lock Screen?

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings -> Focus Mode -> [Select Focus Mode] -> Options -> Enable Lock Screen Dim. The lock screen dimming setting will now take effect when this focus mode is activated. When the user's iPhone 14 Pro enters AOD display mode, the entire lock screen will be converted to a simple black and white mode.

In this mode, the AOD display shows the date and time (and any widgets selected) in white font... and that's it. Any custom lock screen wallpapers or photos will be completely dimmed.

There are some downsides to enabling this setting, though. For early adopters, it only works in focus mode - if you want to permanently display black and white AOD, you need to be in focus mode all day. The Focus Mode status label also appears at the bottom of the lock screen.

What's more, enabling a dim lock screen also changes your lock screen when your iPhone is awake. It blurs the wallpaper. After all, the intended purpose of this focus mode-related feature is to dim your phone's lock screen and make your iPhone less distracting while you're concentrating on other things.

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