Apple iPhone 14 Pro / Max is equipped with Smart Island digging design

 At the recent "Far Out" conference, Apple released the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, equipped with a "Smart Island" pill screen to display alerts and background activities, a brighter display and AOD Always On Display, A16 Bionic chip, new color options, and more.

Apple replaced the notch screen with a "Smart Island" digging screen. While most customers will have to wait at least a week to get a better understanding of the new feature, one graphic designer has already imagined what a "Smart Island" design would look like running on the iPad Pro.

Graphic designer Parker Ortolani envisions how "Smart Island" could work on the new iPad Pro. First, Ortolani placed the "long pill" punch on a horizontal screen -- something iPad customers have been asking for.

 Since most people use iPads in landscape mode, people always look weird on video calls because the camera is at the vertical top of the tablet's screen -- not even a center-centered portrait feature can fix that.

According to Apple's description of the "Smart Island" design of the iPhone 14 Pro:

Smart Island brings users a new way to interact with the iPhone, blurring the lines between hardware and software, and showing important reminders, notifications, and events that change in real-time. With the introduction of Smart Island, the TrueDepth camera has been redesigned to reduce the display space it takes up. On the premise of not affecting the display of the screen content, the smart island remains active, allowing users to use the control options with just a long press. Activities that keep running in the background like maps, music apps or timers are always visible and interactive. In addition, Smart Island works with third-party apps in iOS 16 that provide information (such as game scores and carpool information) through Live Activity. Blurring the line between hardware and software, Smart Island flexibly unfolds into various shapes to clearly visualize important operations such as Face ID verification.

With that in mind, Parker Ortolani took the concept to imagine what it would look like on the new iPad Pro. The designers didn't just make the "Smart Island" bigger, but imagined multiple "Smart Island" on the iPad, called "Island Menus". He explained that users can "hover the cursor over areas of the Smart Island to access the power of your favorite iPad apps."

In addition, Smart Island can improve multitasking by keeping "apps at the top of the display" while providing a quick menu for quick access. With Apple recently bringing universal controls to iPad and Mac and now working on "pre-stage scheduling," the new smart island cutout design could be a good fit for the new iPad Pro models.

When will Apple release the new iPad Pro?

If the rumors are true, Apple may be preparing to hold an event in October focused on Macs and iPads. The iPad Pro could be the protagonist of the event.

The source said that the iPad Pro will be equipped with a new M2 chip. In addition, Apple is working to extend battery life, bringing a MagSafe connector to the tablet as well as new accessories. Analysts believe that Apple will maintain the iPad Pro 11-inch LCD model and 12.9-inch miniLED version.

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