Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max wins DisplayMate Award for Best Smartphone Display

According to DisplayMate's annual display technology competition, Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max won the "DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display Award" with an A+ display performance rating, replacing last year's winner, the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

While Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max has basically the same resolution as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has made several improvements to the display, such as an LTPO OLED display that extends the range of 1Hz to 120Hz instead of 10Hz to 120Hz, supports low Power consumption always-on display option.

DisplayMate says the iPhone 14 Pro Max is capable of peak brightness of 2,300 nits, more than double that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple previously advertised a peak brightness of up to 2000 nits, so the test even exceeded Apple's official promotion. According to DisplayMate, HDR brightness tops out at 1590 nits, a 33 percent improvement over the iPhone 13 Pro MAX.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max received the following awards for smartphone display performance:

  • Highest color accuracy for white
  • Highest absolute color accuracy
  • Minimal change in color accuracy using APL
  • Min Max Color Shift using APL
  • Highest image contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy
  • Minimal changes in image contrast and intensity levels when using APL
  • Minimal change in peak brightness when using APL
  • Highest full-screen brightness for an OLED smartphone
  • Maximum peak display brightness
  • Highest contrast
  • Lowest screen reflectivity
  • Highest contrast level in ambient light
  • Minimum brightness varies with viewing angle
  • White has minimal color change with viewing angle
  • Highest visible screen resolution

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max won a total of 15 awards, up from 13 awards for the iPhone 13 Pro Max . DisplayMate says Apple is focused on improving the absolute image quality and absolute color accuracy of OLED through precise factory display calibration, which the website says is "visually indistinguishable from perfection."

Based on our extensive lab tests and measurements, the iPhone 14 Pro Max features an impressively good top-of-the-line world-class smartphone display with near-textbook-perfect calibration and performance that's visually indistinguishable from perfection. Based on our objective lab testing, the iPhone 14 Pro Max won the DisplayMate Award for Best Smartphone Display, earned DisplayMate's highest-ever A+ display performance rating, and earned 15 smartphone display performance records, including 7 " Visually indistinguishable from perfection."

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