Apple iPhone 14 / Pro series 5G network speed increased by 38%

According to a comparison test conducted by SpeedSmart, the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro can also achieve higher 5G network speeds than the iPhone 13 Pro. SpeedSmart's tests were conducted using the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. SpeedSmart compared the 5G speeds of the two major US carriers, T-Mobile and Verizon. The results showed that Apple's iPhone 14 Pro had 38 percent faster 5G download speeds compared to the previous-generation iPhone. The improvement in upload speed is not as pronounced, but the iPhone 14 Pro still shows better results.

Here are all the results:

  • iPhone 14 Pro (download - T-Mobile): 255.91 Mbps
  • iPhone 13 Pro (download - T-Mobile): 173.81 Mbps
  • iPhone 14 Pro (Upload - T-Mobile): 28.25 Mbps
  • iPhone 13 Pro (Upload - T-Mobile): 22.51 Mbps
  • iPhone 14 Pro (download - Verizon): 175.56 Mbps
  • iPhone 13 Pro (download - Verizon): 126.33 Mbps
  • iPhone 14 Pro (Upload - Verizon): 27.28 Mbps
  • iPhone 13 Pro (Upload - Verizon): 21.64 Mbps

SpeedSmart also noticed that Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro had lower average latency. Lower latency means less time is required for devices to communicate with servers, which is critical for live streaming and online gaming.

For example, the average latency (Ping) of the iPhone 14 Pro connecting to T-Mobile was 52.88 ms, and the average latency (Ping) connecting to Verizon was 37.09 ms. The iPhone 13 Pro was 62.20 milliseconds and 52.24 milliseconds, respectively.

Apple's iPhone 14 Pro's better results are attributed to Qualcomm's new 5G Snapdragon X65 baseband chip. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon X60. The new 5G X65 baseband chip supports download speeds of up to 10Gbps (7.5Gbps for the X60) and consumes less power than its predecessor.

It is worth noting that the non-Pro models of Apple's iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, are also equipped with the new 5G Snapdragon X65 baseband chip.

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