Apple iPhone 14 Pro series A16 bionic chip running score re-exposed

 Yesterday, the Geekbench scores of the latest A16 bionic chip on Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max were exposed. Although the single-core results are still invincible, the multi-core results are not satisfactory, and there is no improvement compared to the A15, but this score does not seem to be at its normal level.

Today, the Geekbench score of the A16 bionic chip is released. This time, the multi-core score has been greatly improved, reaching 5455 points, while the single-core score has not changed much, which is 1887 points.

For comparison, the running scores of Snapdragon 8+ and Dimensity 9000+ are as follows. It can be seen that the A16 Bionic chip is far ahead of the competitors in the Android camp in both single-core and multi-core scores.

According to Apple's official introduction, the A16 bionic chip consists of two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. The 6-core CPU brings the speed up to 40%. Graphics processor with up to 50% more memory bandwidth, ideal for running graphics-intensive games and apps, and a new 16-core neural network engine capable of processing up to 17 trillion operations per second Provides higher performance in low conditions for all-day battery life.

However, the A16 Bionic's GPU and neural engine core are exactly the same as last year's A15 Bionic. Thanks to the improvement of TSMC's N4 (third-generation 5nm, about 6% density increase) process, the CPU finally achieved "nearly 16 billion transistors." ”, which is slightly higher than the 15 billion A15, and the power consumption should be improved.

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