Apple iPhone 14 Pro Smart Island cannot be closed

A major innovation of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro series models is the “Smart Island”, which is merged into a pill-shaped area by surrounding display pixels, giving users a new way to interact with the iPhone, which can display important reminders, notifications, and events in real-time, becoming an information hub.

However, there are users who feel that the content displayed on the Smart Island can be distracting, especially when trying to focus on other content on the iPhone screen. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to directly disable Smart Island, because it has been built into iOS 16. However, if you find the content and animations displayed to be distracting, you can remove them by swiping the island left or right without affecting any related app background activity.

For example, if an album in Apple Music is playing, you can swipe left or right on the Smart Island to remove the display of things like audio waveforms, while the music continues to play in the background. Similarly, if the display of the Smart Island timer is removed, it will still count down in the background even if it is no longer visible on the Smart Island.

If there are two background activities in Smart Island and you want to remove one or both, you can use the same swipe gesture on the larger section to make it disappear. Then, in the same way, swipe to cancel one of the remaining background activities.

After removing all app activity displays from Smart Island, the pill shape reverts to its previous inert state, allowing you to fully focus on the rest of the screen.

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