Apple iPhone 14 series official mobile phone cases on the shelves

Apple held a new product launch conference and officially released the iPhone 14 series of mobile phones. This series of mobile phones has four models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The starting price is 5999 yuan, and the reservation will be open on September 9.

After the release of the new phone, Apple's official website also listed iPhone 14 series mobile phone protective cases. According to the official website information, the iPhone 14 series of protective cases has three specifications: MagSafe transparent version, MagSafe silicone version, and MagSafe leather version. The first two are priced at 399 yuan, while the MagSafe leather version is priced at 479 yuan.

The product introduction page shows that the MagSafe transparent case is made of high-transmittance polycarbonate and flexible material. At the same time, the outer and inner surfaces of the protective case have an anti-scratch coating, and all materials and coatings are optimized to prevent yellowing from long-term use.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 14 series mobile phone protective cases are exclusively for the iPhone 14 and are not compatible with the iPhone 13 series.

The iPhone 14 series MagSafe silicone case and MagSafe leather case are available in a variety of colors, of which the silicone version is available in red, midnight (black), warm sunshine (yellow), stone lotus blue, Lilac, Berry Purple, Storm Blue, and Ash Pink, and the Leather Edition are available in Dark Ink, Midnight, Orange, Pine Green, and Ochre.

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