Apple iPhone 14/Pro is about to be sold in South Korea

The iPhone 14 / Pro series smartphones were launched by Apple in the early morning of September 8th, although some countries began to accept reservations at 8:00 pm the next day, and began to ship on the 16th, Some countries have not yet started sales, South Korea is one of them.

According to information on Apple’s official Korean website, the iPhone 14 series will start accepting pre-orders from Korean users on September 30, which is this Friday and will start shipping on October 7.

Although Samsung has obvious advantages in the Korean smartphone market, the Apple iPhone, the dominant global high-end smartphone market, is bound to attract a large number of consumers to buy and compete with Samsung's high-end models after entering the Korean market.

On the eve of the launch of the iPhone 14 in South Korea, the two major telecom operators in South Korea increased subsidies for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. Industry watchers see increased subsidies by the two telecom operators as a means of making Samsung's smartphones more competitive at a time when Samsung's high-end models are set to compete with Apple's iPhone 14 in South Korea.

It is SK Telecom and KT that have increased the purchase subsidy for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. The former is the largest telecom operator in South Korea, and the latter is the second largest telecom operator in South Korea.

For the 512GB version of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, SK Telecom previously gave a subsidy of 280,000-520,000 won, which has now been raised to 380,000-520,000 won; KT previously gave a subsidy of 255,000-650,000 won, which has been reduced to the lowest The subsidy was raised to 265,000 won.

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