Apple iPhone 14/Pro series and AirPods Pro 2 confirmed to support Bluetooth 5.3

Apple's official website device technical specifications show that the four iPhone 14 series models and AirPods Pro 2 all support Bluetooth 5.3, but it is not yet clear whether these devices support LE Audio technology.

LE Audio is a low-power audio streaming specification that is supported on Bluetooth 5.2 or higher devices. According to MacRumors, LE Audio brings improved audio quality to AirPods Pro, longer battery life, multi-streaming audio, connecting multiple pairs of AirPods to iPhone at once, no need to switch between iPhone and Mac, and more.

MacRumors said that neither the press release nor the technical specification page of Apple's iPhone 14 and AirPods Pro mentioned LE Audio and related information, and it has contacted Apple for confirmation. In July, the Bluetooth SIG said that it expects to see increased availability of LE Audio-enabled products by the end of 2022.

Given that the iPhone 14 models and AirPods Pro 2 support Bluetooth 5.3, if the device does not currently support the LE Audio specification, Apple may enable LE Audio in the future through a software or firmware update.

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