Apple iPhone folding screen engineering machine exposure

Digital blogger @ 陈娜 Digital, who is close to the screen supply chain, said that Apple already has two folding screen models under development, which are the horizontal half-folding and vertical clamshell models that are currently popular in the industry. Type, if nothing else, is a mature technology in the supply chain.

He revealed that the size of the large-screen version folded horizontally is 8.9 inches, which is equivalent to the combined size of two Pro Max, and the final mass-produced version may be larger; the vertical folding model uses a 7-inch screen, and after folding There is no secondary screen. In terms of color matching, he expects that Apple will not determine the final commercial version until May next year.

For reference, the current Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 uses an 8.02-inch inner screen, the Honor MagicV uses a 7.9-inch inner screen, the Huawei Mate Xs 2 is 7.8 inches when unfolded, the Samsung Galaxy Z  Fold 4 's inner screen is 7.6 inches, and the OPPO Find N is 7.1 inches. , Huawei P50 Pocket is 6.9 inches, Samsung Galaxy Z  Flip4 is 6.7 inches.

Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously said that Apple is testing a 9-inch foldable display device, similar to the iPhone and iPad and hybrids, but he believes that the long-rumored iPhone folding screen It's unlikely to launch before 2025, but that's just a prediction.

Kuo believes that Apple's development of foldable products initially focused on mid-sized devices, then devices with larger displays, and finally expanded to smaller devices like the iPhone.

TheLec previously reported that Apple is working with LG to develop a foldable OLED display panel with an ultra-thin cover glass for future Apple tablets and laptops.

Although Apple has yet to launch a foldable smartphone, its rivals Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi have already launched such devices on the market. From the exposure of a large number of patents, it can be seen that Apple is definitely working on similar devices, but now Not yet ready to launch.

Recently, Apple published a patent that mentions "self-healing" technology for devices such as foldable smartphones.

The patent describes ways to both minimize damage to foldable devices and repair damage when it occurs. The patent shows that the device has a hinge that allows for bending on a bending axis. In order to bend around the bending axis without damage, the display screen may contain a display cover layer with flexible portions.

Apple says the technology can be used in everything from "computing devices such as laptops" to mobile phones and even "smaller devices such as wristwatch devices, pendant devices, wearables or other types of tiny devices."

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