Apple Lightning has reached a declaration of interface for the next decade

Today is the 10th anniversary of Apple's launch of the first iPhone 5 equipped with a Lightning interface, which replaced the previous 30-pin interface derived from the iPod. Phil Schiller, Apple's former marketing chief, described the Lightning port as " the modern port of the next decade, " and that milestone has now been achieved.

The newly released iPhone 14/Pro series models are still equipped with the Lightning port, but Apple is widely expected to switch to the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 series models next year, which sounds like a coincidence.

Apple has previously provided a USB-C interface on every Mac and almost every iPad it sells, and even Studio Display, Pro Display XDR, some Beats headphones, and some other accessories use USB-C. C. Rumor has it that the upcoming 10th-generation entry-level iPad will also feature a USB-C port, as will next year's AirPods charging case and MagSafe battery pack.

The EU proposes legislation to require all smartphones and accessories to be charged using a USB-C port starting in the fall of 2024. The Verge says the agreement has the biggest impact on Apple, which is the only major smartphone maker still using a proprietary interface instead of USB-C. In 2021, Apple will sell 241 million iPhones worldwide, of which about 56 million will be sold in Europe.

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