Apple Watch Series 8: Older Apple Watches such as Series 4 will also support low battery mode

The newly released Apple Watch Series 8 has added a new low-power mode function, which can double the battery life by turning off some functions. However, this feature is not limited to the latest Apple Watch. At the press conference, Apple said that with the launch of watchOS 9 on September 12, Series 4 and subsequent products will also support low-power mode.

Apple didn't say whether the mode would work as well on older devices as it claims to be on the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra (Apple says the Apple Watch Series 8 can last up to 36 seconds with low-power mode on with an iPhone ). Hour). But based on what we know about how it works, at least on some Apple Watch models, it's going to be less effective.

Low Battery Mode saves power by temporarily disabling or limiting some sensors and features, such as the 24/7 Retina display, auto-start workouts, heart health notifications, and more while keeping features like motion tracking and fall detection turned on. However, the Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch SE do not natively support the 24/7 Retina Display feature.

After the low battery function is turned on, the battery is displayed as a yellow prompt, and the background heart rate measurement, heart rate notification, mobile pulse rate atrial fibrillation prompt, and blood oxygen measurement are turned off. Apple did not specify whether the Apple Watch SE also supports this feature, and the Apple Watch SE does meet the description of "Series 4 and later", but the Apple Watch SE's product page does not mention low-power mode.

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