Apple Watch Series 8 released

At the "Far Out" conference held early this morning, Apple officially released the new Apple Watch Series 8 watch. The Apple Watch Series 8 includes a new body temperature sensor, which Apple says is "further committed to women's health."

Apple says the Apple Watch Series 8 can track temperature changes as low as 0.1 degrees Celsius and check the temperature every five seconds. The company says nighttime body temperature tracking can help female users gain insight into their ovulation cycle and can be used to enhance the watch's cycle tracking capabilities for menstrual periods. Apple says this data is encrypted on the watch itself, and anyone tracking their cycles is an important consideration.

Last year's Apple Watch Series 7 featured a slightly updated design that made the screen larger than previous models (but didn't introduce the new flat look as rumored). Aside from the redesign, it only includes a few new features: faster charging, improved durability, and some new colors.

Apple Watch Series 8 also includes two new motion sensors to detect if the user has been in a serious car accident and automatically connect the owner to emergency services, provide a location and notify emergency contacts. To that end, Apple Watch Series 8 features a new 3-axis gyroscope and high-g-force accelerometer that can measure up to 256G and sample 4x faster (3000 times per second).

The Apple Watch Series 8 GPS version starts at $399, and the GPS + Cellular version starts at $499, available September 16.

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