Apple Watch Ultra, S8, SE 2 are open for purchase

Apple held a press conference in the early hours of yesterday, bringing a series of new products, among which Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch SE 2 are already open for purchase, Ultra is expected to be delivered on September 23 The other two are expected to be delivered on the 19th or 20th, and a few will be delivered on the 16th.

Apple Watch Ultra is known as the most professional Apple Watch ever, with a larger screen, higher brightness, and dual-frequency GPS support, making it more suitable for professional outdoor sports enthusiasts;

In addition, Apple Watch Series 8 adds a high-g-value acceleration sensor and a body temperature sensor, thereby realizing the functions of car accident detection and ovulation prediction; Apple Watch SE 2: A new backplane design is adopted, and a high-g-value acceleration sensor is also added. Support functions such as car accident detection.

Apple Watch Series 8:

  • Aluminum alloy case 41mm GPS from 2999 yuan, cellular network from 3799 yuan
  • Aluminum alloy case 45mm GPS from 3199 yuan, cellular network from 3999 yuan
  • Stainless Steel Case 41mm Cellular From $5499
  • Stainless Steel Case 45mm Cellular Network From $5899

Apple Watch Ultra:
  • Titanium case 49mm cellular network from 6299 yuan
Apple Watch SE 2:
  • Aluminum alloy case 40mm GPS from 1999 yuan, cellular network from 2399 yuan
  • Aluminum alloy case 44mm GPS from 2199 yuan, cellular network from 2599 yuan
In addition to Apple Watch, the pre-sale time of Apple's iPhone 14 series is at 20:00, so stay tuned.
  • iPhone 14: 128GB 5999 yuan, 256GB 6899 yuan, 512GB 8699 yuan
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 128GB 6999 yuan, 256GB 7899 yuan, 512GB 9699 yuan
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 128GB 7999 yuan, 256GB 8899 yuan, 512GB 10699 yuan, 1T 12499 yuan
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: 128GB 8999 yuan, 256GB 9899 yuan, 512GB 11699 yuan, 1T 13499 yuan

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