Apple will push children's watches?

Less than 48 hours before Apple's autumn conference "Far out", the company is expected to launch iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, AirPods Pro 2, and a new Apple Watch for extreme sports people Pro.

Interestingly, the New York Times broke the news at the last minute that Apple will release another Apple Watch aimed at kids and teens that is cheaper than the Apple Watch SE.

The New York Times, citing sources "involved" in Apple's work, reported that Apple spent about three years perfecting the home setup feature for the Apple Watch. Family Settings is a feature added in watchOS 7 that allows users without an iPhone to use an Apple Watch with a cellular connection, including access to phone calls, messages, apps, location sharing, and more.

As part of an effort to "more aggressively reach younger smartwatch customers," the report said, Apple will release a "new version of the Apple Watch that is cheaper than the Apple Watch SE." The product is expected to launch at Apple's fall event, according to two people familiar with Apple's plans.

Apple Apple Watch SE is currently priced at 2199 yuan, if children's watches are cheaper, it may be below 2000 yuan.

In addition, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman revealed that Apple has developed exclusive straps and dials for the new Apple Watch Pro . In a recent tweet, Gurman said: "The new watch bands for the Apple Watch Pro will be very broad and incorporate extreme sports themes ." In other words, consumers willing to buy the Apple Watch Pro will have access to a new band made just for it. 

It's unclear exactly what these straps will look like, but Apple could take the approach of partnering with sports brands, which it has done before. It's worth noting that Gurman previously said that while older bands will work with the Apple Watch Pro, they won't fit perfectly.

Gurman also believes that Apple will introduce a new watch face designed specifically for the Apple Watch Pro to display dense fitness information to users.

Leaked CAD renderings revealed the potential design of the Apple Watch Pro. Unlike the current Apple Watch, the new Apple Watch Pro has a larger 47mm case and a flat-screen. Contrary to previous rumors, however, the Apple Watch Pro's case isn't flat. The render also shows a third new side button.

According to Gurman, the new button is "programmable," so users can set different actions for it, such as opening a specific app, starting a workout, or any other action within the app. The Digital Crown also looks completely different from what's on the current Apple Watch, but it's unclear if the new software features will be enabled.

The Apple Watch Pro is expected to have a titanium casing, which, combined with a flat-screen, could make the device more durable.

In addition to the Apple Watch Pro, Apple has also been working on two other new Apple Watches. Among them, the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to maintain the same design and size as the previous generation, as well as similar internal hardware, the main difference will be the addition of a new body temperature sensor. As for the second-generation Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch SE 2, Apple is also expected to keep the same design and sensors as the current model, but this time with a faster processor.

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