Apple's iOS 16 upgrade adoption rate on the first day of release is slightly higher than iOS 15

The early adoption rate of Apple’s iOS 16 has been disclosed in a new report, with the new update slightly ahead of iOS 15 after 24 hours. After being released on September 13 and waiting 24 hours, Apple's iOS 16 system has been downloaded by 6.71% of users so far, according to Mixpanel. On the first day, the upgrade rate of iOS 15 was 6.48%. However, iOS 14 outnumbered iOS 15 and iOS 16, with 9.22% of users downloading it on the first day.

Apple's official website has a good complement of iOS 15, saying that 89% of all devices launched in the past four years run this version, and 82% of all devices use the iOS 15 system. 

Starting with iOS 15, Apple introduced significant changes in the way it releases updates. It didn't force iOS 14 users to upgrade. Instead, the iPhone offers a choice between two software update versions in the settings. Users can continue to use iOS 14 while receiving the latest security updates, with the option to upgrade to iOS 15 if they wish.

This option may affect day one adoption rates, and this applies to iOS 16 as well, with Apple offering the option to upgrade to iOS 15.7 when the official version of iOS 16 rolls out. IT House has learned that Apple will continue to support a wide range of iPhone devices, and iOS 16 can be installed on iPhone 8 and newer models.

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