Apple's iOS 16 will support detection of counterfeit AirPods earphones with warnings on iPhones

In the previous iOS system, when a non-genuine iPhone or iPad part was detected, the device would display an alert to the user. Apple seems to be taking the next step, though, this time with AirPods. As Apple released the iOS 16 RC version to developers today, foreign media 9to5Mac found that the system will now alert users to counterfeit AirPods.

Code found in internal system files shows that iOS 16 can detect counterfeit AirPods, the report said. Some of these knockoffs look identical to the official AirPods, and they can even trigger some system functions, such as automatic pairing and battery lights.

With iOS 16, Apple iPhones and iPads will alert users when they try to pair counterfeit AirPods. " These earphones cannot be verified as genuine AirPods and may not function as expected, " the message reads.

Users can tap the alert's "Learn More" button and be directed to a support article on Apple's website that contains more details on how to identify official AirPods. In addition, users can also click on the "Do not connect" option. However, Apple has left leeway and has not directly banned these fake AirPods connections. iOS 16 will be available as a free software update from September 13 for iPhone 8 or later models and iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later models.

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