Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Smart Island has supported one-handed operation mode

The first beta version of iOS 16.1, released to developers and public testers earlier this week, provides Reachability support for the Smart Island of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, enabling a new pill-shaped area to be easier to reach when using it with one hand.

Reachability, also known as the one-handed operation mode, is designed to make it easier to operate a large-screen phone with one hand. When turned on, it lowers the upper part of the screen so that it is within the reach of your fingers. On past iPhones, the one-handed operation mode allowed users to double-tap the Home button to lower the top of the screen. There's no home button now, so the new way to trigger one-handed mode is to swipe down from the bottom of the screen. This feature can be enabled in Accessibility → Touch → Reachability in the Settings app.

In the early version of iOS 16, Smart Island did not support Reachability mode. When other content on the top half of the screen was lowered, Smart Island was still at the top of the screen, but Smart Island was released after iOS 16.1 Beta 1 was released. Support Reachability mode.

Smart Island brings users a new way to interact with the iPhone, blurring the lines between hardware and software, showing important reminders, notifications, and events that change in real-time. With the introduction of Smart Island, the TrueDepth camera has been redesigned to reduce the display space it takes up. On the premise of not affecting the display of the screen content, the smart island remains active, allowing users to use control options with just a long press, and activities that keep running in the background such as maps, music apps or timers are always visible and interactive. In addition, Smart Island works with third-party apps in iOS 16 that provide information (such as game scores and carpool information) through Live Activity.

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