Apple's iPhone 14 Standard Edition is accused of being mediocre

Apple launched the highly anticipated iPhone 14 series of smartphones at its annual fall new product launch conference. At the launch event, the company’s CEO Tim Cook gave a speech on the new models. The iPhone, the new AirPods, and the new Apple Watch are full of praise.

"As a matter of fact, these are industry-leading products that work together to provide an amazing experience for users," Cook said.

The star product at the launch was undoubtedly the iPhone 14 series, but the gap in specs between the standard and Pro models was wider than in any previous generation of iPhones. If users want features such as "on-screen display" and "smart island", they need to spend several hundred dollars more. Many netizens said that the iPhone 14 standard version is "unappealing".

In an interview, one analyst praised the overall performance of the iPhone 14 series of smartphones but said she was surprised that Apple released new models without much improvement in the camera zoom function.

Today, Apple's development is smooth, and it has once again become the world's largest company by market value with an overall size of $2.65 trillion. The latest figures show that Apple's iPhone now holds more than half of the U.S. market, leaving rivals far behind.

Cook introduced new features for the new iPhone and the new Apple Watch at the event, many of which are related to safety, health, and fitness.

The new iPhones and new Apple Watches can detect if a user has been involved in a car accident and automatically call emergency services if there is no response. A deal with satellite company Globalstar will allow iPhone users to send out SOS messages when there is no cell signal. The new sensor could also help female users better monitor their physical health, including ovulation cycles.

But comparing the iPhone 14 standard version and the Pro version, you will find that the gap is not generally large. If you're keen on the new iPhone and all the cool new features, you might want to steer clear of the standard model. Apple's message to consumers seems to be, "buy the Pro or don't."

Well-known technology media said as early as a day before the release, "This year may be the stage for the Pro version." "This upgrade may be more expensive, but the payoff is a real improvement in performance, design, and camera. In contrast, the iPhone 14 There isn't much improvement on the standard version."

Tom's Guide, a well-known hardware evaluation website, also gave a similar statement: "Apple didn't put much effort into the design of the iPhone 14 Standard Edition, which in fact looks similar to the iPhone 13. There will always be a gap between the standard version and the Pro version of the new smartphone, such as memory size and battery capacity, but not as big as the iPhone 14 model.

Do users want a 48-megapixel camera instead of a 12-megapixel camera? Then buy the iPhone 14 Pro version and want the A16 chip instead of the A15 chip? Buy the iPhone 14 Pro. Don't want to press the wake button on the phone to read key information directly? Only the iPhone 14 Pro version has the always-on display function.

The "Smart Island" function that everyone is talking about is still only available on the iPhone 14 Pro version. If you buy the standard version, there will still be bangs on the phone screen. The iPhone 14 Standard, which starts at $799 in the U.S., has better battery life and a better camera than the iPhone 13. But if you want the "Smart Island" feature, a higher-resolution camera, and a faster chip, you'll need to spend more than $1,099.

According to Carolina Milanesi, a technology analyst at Silicon Valley Creative Strategies consultancy, Apple is clearly "doing something right" given the growing market share of the company's products. "From an iPhone standpoint, they have the strongest product portfolio ever." Improvements in features such as display, low-light photography, and improved battery life are good news for consumers, she said. 

"From a user perspective, I personally think that Apple is focusing more on camera zoom," Milanesi said. "There are some improvements in the zoom, but Apple's competitors have the really strong zoom and superzoom ."

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