Apple's iPhone 14/Pro series satellite communication capabilities will be expanded to more countries

All four iPhone 14 models include the new satellite communication emergency SOS feature, which will be available in the United States and Canada in November, and a new report today claims that Apple plans to follow Over time this feature will be extended to other countries.

Apple reportedly informed Swiss site MacPrime that the company plans to launch the satellite emergency SOS service in more countries later this year, including next year, but it's unclear when the feature will be available in other countries. actually launched.

Emergency SOS via Satellite is designed to allow iPhone 14 series models to connect directly to satellites, allowing users to send emergency services text messages outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. When the feature rolled out in the U.S. and Canada, Apple said the service would be free for the first two years.

The US version of the iPhone 14 series supports the long-rumored emergency messages sent via communication satellites, called emergency SOS. When the user is not within range of the cell phone signal, the cell phone's antenna can be connected to satellite communications. By customizing the short text compression algorithm, the size of the message can be reduced by 3 times. When a clear sky can be seen, the time to send a message is less than 15 seconds. Satellite location sharing is supported. In field scenes, emergency rescue, and other fields, The satellite communication function can perform certain functions. You can also use the Find My app to share a location without sending a message.

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