Apple's official website will stop production of ancient Apple Watch Series 3

With the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 8 models and the updated Apple Watch SE 2, Apple officially removed and discontinued the outdated Apple Watch Series 3, which was previously sold for $199. sell at a low price. Since its launch in 2017, the Apple Watch Series 3 has the same design as the original Apple Watch model and doesn't feature the larger case shell that Apple began introducing with the Series 4 model. It was the first Apple Watch to offer cellular connectivity at launch.

The Apple Watch Series 3 features the Apple S3 chip, an older, slower model of the Apple Watch chip. The Apple Watch Series 3 is underwhelming, and it's noticeably underpowered compared to modern Apple Watch models. For the past few years, the Apple Watch Series 3 has generally been discouraged from buying.

Apple's low-cost Apple Watch option is now the $249 Apple Watch SE 2, which has a newer chip and a more modern design than the Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be discontinued because the device cannot run watchOS 9, which is only compatible with Series 4 and later. The Apple Watch Series 3 is limited to watchOS 8 and will not receive further major OS updates. Before the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8 models, the Apple Watch Series 3 was sold out, and many models were out of stock.

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