Arm launches Neoverse V2 and a new generation of data center chip technology

According to reports, 5G data and networking equipment have experienced explosive growth. In order to meet the demand, Arm announced the launch of the next generation of data center chip technology, called Neoverse V2.

Arm develops technology, forms intellectual property, and then licenses it to other businesses. Most mobile phones now use Arm technology, and in addition, it is also advancing into the data center market, which has previously been dominated by AMD and Intel.

Arm said that Ampere, Amazon, Fujitsu, and Alibaba have used Arm technology to develop data center processors, and Neoverse V2 can improve energy efficiency, but it did not provide specific figures.

Dermot O'Driscoll, vice president of product solutions at Arm, said of the new products: "Our partners embrace new technologies, and they develop very efficient solutions based on their specific areas of focus. So, evolving from V1 to V2, we are going to see some very attractive data points."

Arm revealed that the latest data center processor Grace from chip giant Nvidia first adopted the Neoverse V2 design.

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