ASRock 13 Intel Z790 motherboards exposed

Intel is about to launch the 13th generation Core and Z790 new generation platforms. Now, foreign media TechPowerUp has exposed ASRock's Z790 motherboard lineup.

  • Z790 Taichi
  • Z790 Taichi Carrara
  • Z790 PG Riptide
  • Z790 PG SONIC
  • Z790 PG Lightning
  • Z790 PG Lightning/D4
  • Z790M PG Lightning/D4
  • Z790PG-ITX/TB4
  • Z790 Steel Legend WiFi
  • Z790 Pro RS
  • Z790 Pro RS/D4
  • Z790 Live Mixer
  • Z790M-ITX/AX

According to reports, ASRock's new generation of Z790 motherboards includes the high-end Z790 Taichi model, as well as this year's commemorative Z790 Taichi marble version. In addition, Z790 PG Lightning / D4, Z790M PG Lightning / D4, and Z790 Pro RS / D4 models will still support DDR4 memory. ITX models include Z790 PG-ITX/TB4 and Z790M-ITX/AX.

Intel's 13th-generation Core processors will be released in the early morning of September 28, Beijing time, and will be listed on October 20. The first listed models include i9, i7, i5 K series models, Z790 series motherboards are expected It will be launched in the same period, and the B760 series with higher cost performance is expected to be launched later.

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