ASRock launches new BIOS for AMD AM5 motherboards

ASRock announced that it has released a new version of BIOS for the upcoming AMD AM5 motherboard to reduce the time required for booting. ASRock said that ASRock is committed to bringing users the best user experience, and constantly optimizes the BIOS to provide better compatibility and shorter boot time. Now, ASRock has completed a new version of the BIOS that greatly shortens the boot time, and users can download the update from the official website as soon as they receive the motherboard. According to the actual measurement, the booting seconds can be shortened by nearly half than expected, and the first booting speed is improved.

In addition, ASRock X670E / X670 supports BIOS Flashback function across the board, allowing all users to easily update BIOS via 24-pin power supply and USB flash drive without CPU and RAM. At the Taipei Computer Show in May this year, ASRock announced a new generation of AMD X670 series motherboards.

ASRock said the new generation of AMD X670 chipset motherboards includes the luxury flagship X670E Taichi series, the X670E Steel Legend, and the popular X670E Pro RS. The new X670 motherboards feature the latest AM5 footprint and are also equipped with many exciting new features and technologies, such as support for the latest PCIe 5.0 and DDR5. In addition, it supports dual Thunderbolt 4.0 Type-C interfaces. ASRock said that it will fully enhance the power supply module (VRM) design to cope with the ultra-high-performance next-generation processors . The X670E Taichi has an eye-popping 26-phase SPS Dr.MOS design, making it ASRock's most powerful AM5 motherboard.

In addition, ASRock also has a special motherboard to celebrate ASRock's 20th birthday - the "X670E Taichi Carrara" fully covered with white marble heat dissipation armor.

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