Honor Zhao Ming said the new MagicBook V 14 notebook will be released in September

Recently Honor CEO Zhao Ming revealed in an interview with the media that Honor’s flagship notebooks will bring some new technologies in the second half of the year. Zhao Ming revealed that the new Honor MagicBook V 14 notebook will be released in September, and will put more intelligent functions in the new generation of notebooks.

We believe that today's notebook development, in addition to the existing normal upgrades and evolutions, will bring some new demands and solutions to the notebook industry in the future like full-scene integration. change. The original notebook, whether it is Apple or other brands, has not changed much. Now that the ecology has expanded, you can form a large integration system with mobile phones, tablets, watches, and large screens in the future. When I use a notebook, I focus on the notebook, and other products such as mobile phones are my auxiliary tools. At this time, its capabilities will become stronger.

In the future, our thinking is that with consumers as the center, Honor's products and solutions will definitely make everyone feel more and more amazing in the future. In the future, we will continue to bring more surprises to the industry with this logic.

Honor launched  Magicbook V 14 2021 in September last year, equipped with Intel 11th generation H35 standard pressure processor, optional MX450 discrete graphics card, equipped with  Win11  system and 5 million pixel front dual camera, priced at 6199 yuan rise.

In May of this year, the Honor MagicBook 14 notebook launched Magic OS for Windows . According to reports, Magic OS for Windows is based on the underlying chip and Windows operating system, including basic technologies such as OS Turbo, GPU Turbo, LINK Turbo, and security engine that Honor has already landed on mobile phones; it supports Honor sharing, multi-screen collaboration, and switching clones. and other intelligent collaborative cross-device services.

With the blessing of OS Turbo technology, the power consumption of the new Honor MagicBook 14 is reduced by up to 28.3%, thereby improving office energy efficiency. In addition, Honor also said that its response speed is up to 17.9% faster than other similar products, and the design rendering response speed is increased by 31.4%.

In addition, in terms of cross-platform collaboration, the Honor developer service platform has been launched, and the Smart Space App has been launched. The HONOR Connect platform is an all-scenario cooperation platform open to developers of the entire ecological industry chain. With the help of the HONOR Connect platform, developers can experience the capabilities of the Honor R&D team in system development, product connection, user experience design, etc. At the same time, product manufacturers can enjoy the Glory platform's open resources, sales channels and product intelligence solutions.

Zhao Ming previously revealed that Honor will bring more cross-device interconnection and full-scene functions in the next Magic UI 7.

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