ASUS PN53 exposure

ASUS has recently launched the PN52 mini-host, optional R5 5600H, R7 5800H, and R9 5900HX processors, standard 16GB memory, and 512GB SSD, priced at 4699, 4999, and 5199 yuan respectively.

According to the latest news from the media, a new generation of PN53 is coming, with optional R5 6600H, R7 6800H, and R9 6900HX, starting from 657.44 euros (about 4608.65 yuan) for the barebones.

Asus' new PN53 mini host is equipped with the latest 2.5G Ethernet port and WiFi 6E wireless network card, equipped with a full-featured USB-C interface, and equipped with two HDMI 2.0 output interfaces. Given that Asus just launched the PN52 mini console this month, the PN53 could be coming later this year. With the powerful core graphics of the Ryzen 6000H, the PN53 will run more games smoothly.

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