Baidu Kunlun Chip 3 to be mass-produced in early 2024

Shen Dou, executive vice president of Baidu Group, revealed that the Kunlun core at the core of the AI ​​IaaS layer of Baidu Yunzhi Integration 3.0 has mass-produced tens of thousands of chips, realizing large-scale commercialization. , Kunlun Core 3 will be mass-produced in early 2024.

In August last year, Baidu announced the mass production of its second-generation Baidu Kunlun AI chip, the Kunlun Core 2. This chip uses a 7nm process and is equipped with a self-developed second-generation XPU architecture. Compared with the first generation, the performance is improved by 2-3 times. It is suitable for cloud, terminal, edge, and other scenarios.

In September last year, Song Chunxiao, a business analyst at Baidu Kunlun Chip, said that Kunlun Chip is the only chip in China that has been tempered by a large-scale core algorithm of the Internet, and more than 20,000 chips have landed.

In addition to the self-developed XPU architecture and a number of independent designs, the Kunlun AI chip has also cooperated with Feiteng and other domestic general-purpose processors, Kirin and other domestic operating systems, and Baidu's self-developed flying paddle for deep learning. The framework has completed end-to-end adaptation and has a full-stack domestic AI capability that integrates software and hardware.

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