Baseus released a new generation of 20W GaN charger

Baseus issued a document introducing the GaN5 gallium nitride fast charging charger 20W (Mini), which is expected to be launched soon. According to reports, Baseus' new 20W charger is almost the same. In terms of appearance, Baseus' new 20W charger is available in four colors "black, white, blue, and purple".

In terms of technology, the official said that this charger has such a small size, and it is inseparable from the fifth-generation gallium nitride technology solution inside Baseus. The fifth-generation GaN5 gallium nitride technology has the characteristics of high conduction efficiency and low heat generation. Its integration and energy conversion rate are increased by 107%, and the response speed is faster.

The Baseus GaN5 Gallium Nitride Fast Charger 20W (Mini) has built-in OTP over-temperature protection, which detects the temperature in real-time throughout the process. With the blessing of the BCT intelligent cooling system, the temperature is lower.

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