Belkin releases 45W GaN dual USB-C charger

Belkin has now launched a new 45W dual USB-C gallium nitride fast charging charger, priced at 258 yuan. The size of this charger is 39x40.6x44.8mm after folding the pins, the vertical surface is smaller than AirPods, it supports 25W+20W or single-port 45W output, and supports PD PPS protocol.

This charger uses GaN gallium nitride material, which is officially called a new type of aerospace semiconductor material. It has high thermal conductivity, high-temperature resistance, and low heat generation. It can be used in charger design to charge more in a smaller size. Faster, higher conversion rate, lower heat generation.

Belkin said that this 45W fast charger is tested against an ambient temperature higher than the industry standard of 15°C to ensure safe operation at a high temperature of 40°C at a full-load charging rate, meeting the new international IEC standard.

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