Beyond releases a new generation of dual-socket servers based on Loongson 3C5000

According to the official news of Godson, recently, Beyond Technology and Godson Zhongke successfully launched a new generation of Godson 3C5000-based dual-socket server (surpassing Shentai RM5220-L rack server), matching Godson 7A2000 independent Show bridge.

According to reports, the server can be used in general computing, large data centers, cloud computing centers, and other high computing power fields. Relying on the chip-level security mechanism of the Godson 3C5000 processor, the product can meet the requirements of Class Guarantee 2.0, trusted computing, replacement of national secret algorithms, and protection of network security vulnerabilities. In addition, the key software and hardware of this product have been fully localized, and the localization rate of the whole machine has reached over 98%.

The Loongson 3C5000 was officially released in June 2022. It is a high-performance general-purpose processor built by Loongson Zhongke for the server field. It has 16 cores on a single chip and adopts an independent CPU instruction system architecture--Dragon architecture ( LoongArch) , based on LA464 core design, with super computing power. In terms of performance, the 16-core single-chip Unixbench score is over 9500, and the double-precision computing capability reaches 560GFlops. The peak performance of the 16-core processor is comparable to that of a typical ARM 64-core processor.

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