BYD: The new energy storage system will be launched next year

At the 12th China International Energy Storage Conference held in Hangzhou yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the energy storage department of BYD Co., Ltd. said that the company's new energy storage based on blade batteries System products will be launched simultaneously at home and abroad next year. At present, this new energy storage system product is undergoing relevant tests in China. After using the blade battery, its performance and safety will be greatly improved.

It is reported that the grid-level Cube energy storage system released by BYD in 2020 is currently the leading producer of BYD energy storage. The Cube energy storage system covers an area of ​​only 16.66 square meters and has a battery capacity of 2800KWh. Compared with the general 40-foot standard container energy storage system in the industry, the energy density has increased by more than 90%, and it can achieve 12,000 cycles. It supports 1300V DC voltage and matches Different brands of high voltage inverters. Since its release in 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of the Cube energy storage system in the world has exceeded 3GWh.

According to BYD's official introduction, the Cube energy storage system currently uses BYD's ordinary lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery, and after using the blade battery, the battery capacity of an equivalent 40-foot container can exceed 6000 KWh.

According to reports, since its establishment in 2008, BYD Energy Storage has provided safe and reliable energy storage system solutions for hundreds of energy storage projects at home and abroad. New energy products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions and more than 400 cities around the world. , the total sales volume exceeds 5GWh.

The China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, the organizer of the International Energy Storage Conference, released the "2022 Top 30 Innovative Energy Storage Enterprises in China". In the "2022 Energy Storage Enterprise Innovation Ranking", CATL, the largest domestic battery manufacturer, ranked first with "a series of integrated products such as lithium-ion energy storage cells, electric boxes, and electric cabinets", and BYD ranked third.

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