BYD Semiconductor's listing process is progressing steadily

BYD said on the investor interactive platform that BYD Semiconductor's listing process is progressing steadily, and it has been submitted to the China Securities Regulatory Commission for registration, which is an important milestone in the company's market-oriented strategic layout. In April this year, documents from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange showed that the review status of BYD Semiconductor was changed to the approval of the Listing Committee meeting. In January of this year, the announcement of the 5th review meeting of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Entrepreneurship and Listing Committee in 2022 showed that BYD Semiconductor will be listed on the GEM board on January 27th.

From the prospectus, BYD Semiconductor plans to raise 2.686 billion yuan in this IPO to invest in the construction of new power semiconductor chip industrialization and upgrading projects, power semiconductor and intelligent control device R&D and industrialization projects, and supplementary liquidity. funds.

In addition, in response to the related aspects of "tight production capacity and long delivery cycle", BYD said that since the release of the DM-i super hybrid, the series of models have attracted the attention of consumers. Due to a large number of orders, the delivery of vehicles is relatively slow, and the waiting time is currently long, so we apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers. At present, the company is actively arranging and deploying to accelerate the production capacity increase of related models.

When talking about the company's development, BYD pointed out that as an enterprise group spanning many fields such as automobiles, batteries, IT, and semiconductors, BYD has the world's leading battery, motor, electronic control, and vehicle core technologies, enabling new energy vehicles to be used in the industry. Multiple leaps in power performance, safety protection and energy consumption have opened up a new development path for the global auto industry.

According to the announcement, BYD sold 174,915 new energy vehicles in August, compared with 61,409 in the same period last year. BYD's cumulative sales volume in the first eight months was 983,844 units, a year-on-year increase of 164.03%.

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