ByteDance VR all-in-one Pico 4 released

ByteDance’s VR brand Pico held a global conference and released the much-anticipated Pico 4 VR headset, which starts at 429 euros (about 2985.84 RMB) in Europe, the pre-sale will start on September 23, and the shipment will be on October 18. It is worth mentioning that the national version of this headset will be released on September 27.

The Pico 4 has a similar design to previous Pico products, with a self-contained stand-alone design that can also be connected to a PC for use. The Pico 4 is smaller and lighter than the Pico Neo3 Link released in May, weighing in at 295 grams without straps and 586 grams with straps, using the same Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, Adreno 650 GPU, but using 8GB of RAM and a higher-resolution display. According to reports, Pico4 adopts the popular Pancake optical solution and is equipped with a 4K+ level super-vision-sensitive screen. The PPI (pixel density) reaches 1200, the refresh rate reaches 90Hz, and the display is clear and delicate. Two storage versions are available: the 128GB version costs 429 euros, and the 256GB version costs 499 euros. Officials say it provides about three hours of use on a single charge, and like previous Pico headsets, the battery is built into the back strap for balance.

Pico 4 uses Inside-out tracking technology, which does not require external device positioning. Equipped with Pico 4 sports handle (with vibration function), and has four external cameras, in addition, the device will provide a full-color see-through function.

At the press conference, Pico announced the cooperation with "Ruins Magus", "Gorn" and other games. It is worth noting that Pico announced that it will jointly launch "Just Dance" with Ubisoft. This game will be exclusive to Pico. It is expected that Launch in 2023. Pico Fitness also launched a VR version of the fighting class with Lemmy and jointly launched VR fitness content with fitness internet celebrity Pamela. In addition, Pico also announced that it will launch its own social platform "Project Pico World" in 2023, and has reached a cooperation with Discovery in terms of video content.

In terms of software, Pico 4 is equipped with PICO OS 5.0 operating system, which can perform functions such as multitasking, gesture screen capture, video recording, and optional voice-to-text conversion. Another highlight is that PICO has built the virtual human function into the PICO OS 5.0 system. By adjusting 80 parameters, users can customize their own virtual human image, which can be used in multiple games, fitness scenarios, and PICO Worlds virtual social platforms. other user interactions.

The Pico 4 will be available in Japan, South Korea, and 13 European countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, and will launch in China on September 27, and will launch in Singapore and Malaysia later this year.

PICO also offers a high-end version of the PICO 4 Pro, designed for advanced users and developers. PICO 4 Pro installs three infrared cameras in the device to achieve eye tracking and face tracking, support precise measurement, and step less automatic adjustment of the device's pupil distance and IPD, ensuring the best image quality and eye comfort.

Pico 4 has now been pre-sold on e-commerce platforms such as and Douyin.

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