ByteDance's Pico announces a new generation of VR headsets to be released

ByteDance acquired VR company Pico early last year in an effort to diversify its business. Next Thursday (September 22) at 8pm, we'll see the first results of Pico's acquisition, which will be the release of a brand new VR headset.

Likely named Pico 4 or Pico Phoenix, the pro-grade VR headset supports face and eye tracking, as well as a pass-through RGB camera for mixed reality. The headset is also rumored to support auto-IPD, which means it can automatically adjust the hardware based on the wearer's IPD (interpupillary distance). Elsewhere, the headset will be powered by Android Q and an unidentified Qualcomm processor.

There is not much information about the new products yet, and the follow-up IT Home will bring you more reports.

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