Canon and Taobao released the Guidelines for the Launch of High-quality E-commerce Live Broadcasting

According to Canon’s official news, at the recent China International Service Trade Fair, Canon’s “Jia Live” high-definition live broadcast solution and Taobao Live jointly launched the “E-commerce Live Broadcasting Guide for High-Definition Broadcasting”.

The official said that the guide aims to help users improve the quality of live broadcasts on the premise of standardization and low-cost learning, provide standardized solutions for live broadcasts, and promote the continuous upgrade of the broadcaster's broadcast and audience viewing experience.

According to reports, in the "E-commerce Live Broadcasting Guide", according to the budget, 10,000 to 20,000 yuan can create a high-quality live broadcast room. Through the model construction method, users can freely choose the live broadcast scheme they want, helping users to see the real live broadcast effect. According to the official, the "E-commerce Live Broadcasting Guide" contains five sets of videos and corresponding documents. The recommended equipment selection scheme and detailed parameter configuration are obtained through long-term testing in the real environment and are highly practical.

As shown in the picture above, this is a screenshot of the live broadcast of a 20,000 yuan live room, which can achieve the effect of high-definition live broadcast under professional equipment.

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