Celis 20 million yuan to jointly invest in high-quality standard enterprises

Celis announced today that the company signed a partnership agreement with its controlling shareholder Xiaokang Holdings, Chongqing Yufu Holdings Group Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Strategic Emerging Industry Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership). Co-invested in "Chongqing Yuxin Chuangneng Private Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership)".

The total subscribed capital contribution of the fund is 553 million yuan, mainly for high-quality enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the new energy industry chain, especially in the growth and mature stages of key fields such as new energy (intelligent network connection) automobiles, hydrogen energy, and energy storage. Enterprises make equity investments. As a limited partner, the company contributed 20 million yuan, with a subscription ratio of 3.62%.

On September 17, Celis Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Management Committee. According to the agreement, the Sailis new energy vehicle upgrade project will be settled in the Longxing Intelligent Connected New Energy Vehicle Industrial Park in Liangjiang New District, Chongqing.

According to reports, the Wenjie M5 has set a new brand single model sales record of breaking 10,000 in 87 days since its delivery in March this year; the Wenjie M7 took only 51 days from its launch on July 4 to delivery, setting a new industry record. The delivery volume of the Wenjie series in August reached 10,045 vehicles, the first time that the monthly delivery volume exceeded 10,000, setting the record for the fastest single-month delivery of the domestic new energy vehicle brand exceeding 10,000. At the beginning of September, the Wenjie M5 EV, the first purely electric model, was launched, which is also the third new energy vehicle product jointly launched by the two parties within one year after Wenjie M5 and Wenjie M7.

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