Changsha BYD Semiconductor's 8-inch chip production line will be put into production

The 8-inch automotive chip production line of Changsha BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was successfully installed on September 5, and production and debugging began. It is expected to be officially put into operation in early October and can produce 500,000 automotive-grade chips annually.

Zhang Caiyu, head of BYD Semiconductor, said that key equipment such as lithography machines, etching machines, and ion implanters for this production line are imported products, with a total of 208 sets and 1,133 boxes, with a value of about 890 million yuan. This batch of equipment is expensive, has a wide variety, is difficult to transport, and has high storage requirements, and the unpacking inspection can only be carried out in a dust-free environment. It has received "tailor-made" assistance from Changsha Customs, thereby helping the company's production line to be put into production 1 ahead of schedule.

The Changsha BYD Semiconductor eight-inch wafer production line project started in April 2020 and is located in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changsha County, with a planned total investment of 1 billion yuan, mainly engaged in semiconductor and integrated circuit production, design, testing, technology development, and other projects.

As the first company in China to independently develop and produce automotive IGBTs, BYD has mastered the core technology of the entire IGBT industry chain, broke the monopoly of international giants, and grown into the largest automotive-grade IGBT manufacturer in China.

According to reports, the project mainly focuses on the R&D and industrial application of new energy vehicle electronic core technologies. The advanced 8-inch new energy vehicle electronic chip production line solves the problem of the "stuck neck" of new energy vehicle electronic core power devices and realizes the localization of core components.

Zhou Xiaozhou, general manager of BYD Group in Hunan and secretary of the Party Committee of Changsha Company, said that a new energy vehicle power module wafer production line with leading domestic technology will be built.

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