CHERRY released Xaga obsidian series mechanical keyboard

CHERRY recently launched the Xaga obsidian series of mechanical keyboards on the Dewu App, with a unique three-sided light-transmitting design, priced at 1799 yuan. The CHERRY Xaga obsidian series keyboard uses a special three-sided light-transmitting keycap, one side is made of PBT material, and three sides are frosted and light-transmitting, which also has anti-glare shielding for players.

This keyboard can be selected with silver/brown switches. The former is a linear shaft, which has a smooth feel, light and mute, and the latter is a light paragraph shaft, which has a moderate feel and is suitable for a variety of scenarios. The keyboard has a built-in double-layer sound-absorbing structure design, which is soft to the touch and reduces noise.

In terms of connection, this keyboard is equipped with CHERRY's self-developed wireless technology, which supports three modes of linking - 2.4Ghz wireless mode, Bluetooth mode, and wired mode .

In terms of performance, the Xaga obsidian series has a full-key no-rush design , and officials say that it can be recognized even if all keys on the keyboard are pressed at the same time. There are also full-key customization solutions and one-key macro settings.

The keyboard also comes with an aluminum storage case that supports shock-resistant protection for easy portability.

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