China released the first batch of 11 fast charging certifications certificate

According to the China Communications Standards Association, on September 29, the China Communications Standards Association and the Telecom Terminal Industry Association jointly held a mobile terminal integration fast charging achievement conference in Beijing and released the first batch of 11 fast charging certifications certificates.

4 terminals and 5 adapters of Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi have passed the certification, and 2 chip products of Yingjixin and Zhirong have passed the certification.

Xie Yi, chairman of the Terminal Fast Charging Standard Promotion Committee of the China Communications Standards Association, said that the 11 products that have passed the certification this time have the fast charging function, which will promote the development of the fast charging industry from five aspects:

  • The first is to continuously improve and improve the fast charging technical solution, and establish and expand the terminal fast charging industry ecology.
  • The second is to promote the transformation of fast-charging group standards into industry standards, form a unified industry standard, and promote the development of industrial scale.
  • The third is to track the progress of the international fast charging standardization work, timely promote the transformation of fast charging related group standards to international standards, and realize the leadership of Chinese fast charging technology in global standards.
  • The fourth is to promote more enterprises to adopt a unified fast charging standard.
  • The fifth is to further improve the third-party certification and identification work.

On August 9, the China Communications Standards Association officially released two group standards  T / CCSA 393-2022 | T / TAF 083-2022 "Mobile Terminal Integration Fast Charging Technology" with the Telecommunications Terminal Industry Association. Specification", T / CCSA 394-2022 | T / TAF 092-2022 "Mobile Terminal Converged Fast Charging Test Method".

The two group standards released this time are based on my country's first standardized technical solution for the fast charging of mobile communication terminals based on the integrated fast charging protocol (UFCS) technology, which supports the realization of efficient fast charging between adapters and terminals from different brands and manufacturers. and interoperability.

According to the previous Weibo blogger @Digital Chat Station, the UFCS fusion fast charging protocol led by Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo will be implemented, and the general maximum power is 40W. The agreement aims to improve the fast charging compatibility between different manufacturers, and it cannot be compared with the private 100W super 100W, but the second stage will be increased to 65W, and the availability will be higher.

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