Colorful CVN series Z790 motherboard released

Intel released the 13th generation Core processor. Colorful also released the cost-effective flagship CVN series Z790 series motherboards simultaneously. The first CVN Z790D5 GAMING FROZEN motherboard of the Colorful 700 series motherboard has been upgraded with a new cosmic roaming silk screen. On the original basis, the CVN traditional warship hull silkscreen on the IO armor has evolved into a futuristic dazzling Light Space Hull Silkscreen. On the PCB and M.2 armor sheet, more patrol ships with space elements and space exoskeleton alloy silk screens are also used. In this generation of CVN motherboards, all Z790 chipset ATX motherboards will have a new Chinese translation name, cruiser motherboard, representing the confidence and roaming of flagship motherboards in the universe.

In terms of specifications, CVN Z790D5 has the highest power supply support in the history of the CVN brand, 16+1+1 phase DrMos power supply, and 55A high current support. Officially, whether it is Intel's 12th-generation top-level overclocked Core I9 12900KS CPU, or the upcoming 13th-generation I9-level CPU, it can be installed stably.

In terms of memory, the 4 DDR5 memory slots on the CVN Z790D5 GAMING FROZEN have been fully optimized. Memory modules with the highest frequency known on the market, DDR5 6600 frequency memory modules, can be easily and quickly lit by XMP, and most of the memory modules around 6000-6600 are compatible and stored. And this motherboard easily reached the 7800 OC in the colorful overclocking laboratory and under the environment of non-extreme liquid nitrogen overclocking.

Regarding scalability, the CVN Z790D5 GAMING FROZEN is also equipped with a PCIe 5.0 X16 graphics card steel slot. This motherboard provides 4 PCIe 4.0 solid-state interfaces, allowing users to build a high-speed solid-state Raid in luxury.

The release of the Colorful 700 series Intel motherboards also includes the CVN Z790D5 GAMING PRO motherboard without WIFI 6 wireless interface, and the CVN Z790 GAMING FROZEN for DDR4 users.

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