Cooler Master Introduces "Purple" Thermal Grease with 12.6 W/mK Thermal Conductivity

Cooler Master has launched a new CryoFuze Violet thermal grease, which is different from the conventional gray silicone grease. Cooler Master is purple. According to reports, Cooler Master’s silicone grease uses nanoparticles to provide enhanced thermal conductivity, reaching a thermal conductivity value of 12.6 W/mK . In addition, Cooler Master's new CryoFuze Violet grease has ideal viscosity, electrical insulating properties, and oxidation resistance, which will prevent the grease from curing or drying out over time.

Cooler Master's new CryoFuze Violet silicone grease is now available on Newegg for $30.99 (about 214.76 yuan).

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