Cooler Master launches HAF 700 full-tower chassis

Cooler Master released the new HAF 700 full-tower chassis, focusing on super large space. According to reports, the front of HAF 700 is equipped with two 200mm Sickleflow ARGB high-performance fans specially designed for HAF 700. These two 200mm high-performance Sickleflow fans not only have larger air volume but also can continuously bring refreshing airflow to the inside of the chassis. Noise control also has a good performance. In addition, 2 120mm Sickleflows are standard at the rear to dissipate heat, and 1 120mm Sickleflow at the bottom is used for auxiliary air intake to help reduce the temperature of the graphics card.

The HAF 700 adopts a multi-cabin design, which is more conducive to the entire line, and makes the internal air ducts of the chassis smoother while being beautiful. The cooler has added an epoch-making tool-free installation design to the HAF 700, not only all external panels can be removed without tools, but the power supply can also be quickly installed with anti-drop screws.

In addition, HAF 700 has a total of 5 water cooling radiators (maximum 480mm water cooling radiator installation), and 2 360mm water cooling radiators can be installed at the top at the same time while supporting up to 15 120mm fan installations, supporting 35.5x35.5cm SSI- EEB motherboard, the tool-free power supply compartment on the back of the chassis supports the installation of a 20cm power supply.

Cooler Master has not announced the national price of this chassis, and the official said that the HAF 700 will meet players at a more affordable price.

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