Cooler Master releases new flagship Mobius series fans

Cooler Master has released new flagship Mobius series fans, including black matte version 120 and ARGB version 120p, focusing on heat dissipation performance and extreme low-noise performance. According to reports, the new Mobius fan adopts a ring-shaped fan blade design. The blade shape and ring-shaped features directly strengthen the structural strength of the overall fan blade physically, and the wind will be more concentrated and uniform during operation. In addition, the flake features on the side of the fan frame are structural reinforcement ribs combined with the geometric shock-proof fan frame design on the back, so that the screw locking points between the center of the motor and the four corners are not in a straight line, which makes the overall rigidity of the fan frame better and effectively prevents resonance.

This series of fans are equipped with Cooler's newly developed Loop dynamic bearing, which is officially claimed to have extremely low noise performance even when fully loaded. When the shaft rotates in the bearing, the oil will gradually be brought to the top surface of the fan blade due to centrifugal force. When the oil enters the oil return groove, it will first accumulate in the groove, and then return to the bearing due to gravity, and then return to the bearing. Because the bearing is of powder metallurgy structure and the surface is metal particles, the oil will be integrated into the bearing surface after returning, so that the bearing is always kept oily, so as to achieve continuous lubrication and prolong the service life.

This series of fans are now on the shelves, with a matte version of 179 yuan and an ARGB version of 199 yuan.

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