Could Philips ventilators cause cancer?

Philips, a Dutch medical equipment company, previously said it had recalled some machines because the foam parts of ventilators could degrade and become toxic, causing cancer. On Thursday (September 8) local time, the Paris prosecutor's office has launched a preliminary investigation into the recall of respiratory devices by Dutch medical device manufacturer Philips.

Philips said in announcing the recall that the foam used to dampen the machine's sound could degrade and emit small particles that can irritate the airways. Gases released from degrading foam can also be toxic or have cancer risks. The company, one of the largest manufacturers of sleep apnea machines and ventilators, is currently replacing about 5.5 million devices, with two-thirds of the machines subject to recall in the United States.

The company advises users to temporarily stop using these machines. It said the matter would result in "revenue headwinds" for the division that makes the devices, but that would be offset by other businesses. Philips also said it was working with health authorities to safely replace the foam, but it had to clear testing and regulatory hurdles first.

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