CRRC's world premiere "Bow" bogie

According to the WeChat public account of "CRRC", on September 20, local time, at the 2022 Berlin International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition (InnoTrans 2022), CRRC released the world's first rail transit vehicle "Bow" bogie.

CRRC said that the bogie is the running part of the rail vehicle, just like the legs of a human being, and is one of the core components of the rail vehicle. The "Bow" bogie adopts a fully assembled carbon fiber flexible frame without a welding structure. While carrying the weight of the vehicle, the "bow" damping characteristics ease the interaction between the vehicle and the line, just like installing a rail vehicle on a rail vehicle. "Spring legs", which can improve the stability and comfort of the vehicle.

Data from CRRC shows that, compared with traditional bogies, the power-type "bow" bogie reduces weight by 25%, non-power type by 35%, vehicle operating energy consumption by 15%, wheel and rail wear by 30%, and noise. 2 to 3 decibels lower, 15% lower life cycle cost.

In addition, CRRC designers built fiber-optic sensors into the bogie frame and adopted intelligent devices such as electronically controlled braking, so that the "bow" bogie has the functions of monitoring its own health status, sensing the status of lines and vehicles, and making Train operation is more intelligent, safe and reliable.

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