Daryou launches new A81 mechanical keyboard

Daryou has now launched the new A81 mechanical keyboard, starting at 399 yuan and going on sale on October 8. This keyboard adopts an optimized 75% arrangement, retaining the common keyboard functions as much as possible while taking into account both aesthetics and practicality in appearance.

Daryou A81 mechanical keyboard adopts a new elastic arm Gasket structure and no positioning plate design. Starting from the structure, it provides a purer key shaft feel and pure key sound. The silicone sleeves used at both ends of the elastic arm are designed with special bumps to achieve a soft contact fixation between the PCB and the shell, play a positioning role, and enhance the soft feel. The structure without a positioning plate is to further enhance the "soft bounce" characteristics and at the same time optimize the sound when the shaft bottoms out, which has a soft bounce, but the sound is concentrated and solid; at the same time, the slot design is boldly carried out on the PCB, which improves the consistency of feel and sound.

This series of keyboards supports a wired USB connection, optional Sky Axis V3 / Zijin Axis Pro, and the axis body is welded (non-pluggable).

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