Designers make renderings of Apple's high-end watch Apple Watch Pro based on CAD

Apple has announced that it will hold a "Far Out" special event at 1:00 am Beijing time on September 8. This time, the online conference is still used, and it is expected to bring new products such as the iPhone 14 / Pro series, Apple Watch Series 8, and the official version of iOS 16. New renders of the Apple Watch Pro have been revealed, giving us a look at what Apple's latest high-end Apple Watch could look like, with a new design, a larger flat display, and new physical buttons.

Based on leaked Apple Watch Pro CAD renderings, designer Ian Zelbo has teamed up with Parker Ortolani to create a new rendering that says the Apple Watch Pro Rugged is specifically designed for athletes, hikers, runners, and more. The Apple Watch Pro will feature its first major redesign since the Apple Watch Series 4, rethinking the case design to reduce curvature and featuring a completely flat display. Thanks to the flatter top design, the Apple Watch Pro's display is expected to be significantly larger than the Series 7 and upcoming Series 8.

Apple Watch Pro has a stronger look and new haptics, with a new protruding case for the Digital Crown and side buttons. Both are housed in a mold that protrudes outward on the right side of the watch, which makes them easier to handle. The Digital Crown itself is also being redesigned to provide a more prominent indentation.

On the left side of the watch, the Apple Watch Pro is expected to feature new physical buttons similar to the side buttons. The button is rumored to be configurable to the user's preferences. It can be customized to open the watchOS app, start a specific workout, or even quickly run shortcuts without navigating the watch itself.

With the larger display on the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple has updated the visual elements in watchOS to make better use of the increased space. The same goes for the Apple Watch Pro and its larger display. The Apple Watch Pro's screen size in a 49mm case is about 1.99 inches compared to the Series 7's 1.691 inches in a 41mm case and 1.901 inches in a 45mm case.

On the Apple Watch Pro, customers can expect new watch faces that take advantage of the larger display, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. Additionally, according to Gurman, Apple is expected to release a new line of straps designed specifically for the Apple Watch Pro. Existing bands are expected to be compatible with the Apple Watch Pro to some extent, but may not be an exact match.

The new watch face could have more room to display metrics from exercise and fitness data collected by the watch. The new watch faces complement improvements made in watchOS 9 that appear to be tailored for the larger Apple Watch, such as improvements during workouts that can display additional metrics on one screen.

Aside from the new design and larger display, the Apple Watch Pro will likely get all the improvements from the Apple Watch Series 8, including a new body temperature sensor. Unlike typical thermometers, body temperature sensors are unlikely to provide the wearer with a direct body temperature reading in early iterations.

The Apple Watch Pro features a new design, larger display and more durable materials, and is expected to sell for between $900 and $1,000. The new watch will be the most expensive Apple Watch to date, possibly replacing the top-of-the-line Apple Watch Edition. There are rumors that the Apple Watch Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2, the new iPhone 14 series, AirPods Pro 2, etc. will all be unveiled at Apple's "Far out" event tomorrow.

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