Developers support Apple's Smart Island design and have developed related games for the iPhone 14 Pro

In the latest iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple presents a clever "Smart Island" design, which can make good use of the original "exclamation mark"-shaped punch area. , thus turning a disadvantage into an advantage in one fell swoop, winning the praise of countless fans.

In order to make better use of this interaction design, Apple will naturally allow third-party developers to use its "Smart Island" for adaptation. The follow-up may include a series of games and streaming media applications that can bring "Smart Island" related designs.

Now, Kriss Smolka, developer of apps like WaterMinder and HabitMinder, today shared a demo of a simple "Smart Island" game based on the classic game Pong.

In the demo, players can use the "Smart Island" block at the top and the slider at the bottom of the game to collide with the ball to make it bounce, which makes full use of the top "Smart Island" area, thus "turning waste into precious".

Smolka said the game "turned out fine," but there were some lag issues to work out. A netizen asked whether the game used Apple's API, and he replied that it was completely hard-coded by himself. It remains to be seen whether Apple will allow this kind of game involving dynamic islands, but there is no doubt that it is a very creative way to achieve it.

Smart Island is a UI interaction method designed by Apple to make up for the defects of the punch-hole screen, thus cleverly avoiding the shortcomings of the screen panel itself, and increasing the screen ratio as much as possible. Playful and fun.

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